IVF/Fertility Treatment Frequently Asked Questions

Please my wife and I are both AS. We will like to know how much it will cost to do the IVF/PGD. Furthermore, we will also like to know how soon we can check the genotype of the baby when she's still pregnant and how much the test will cost.


With the use of PGD, the genotype of the baby can be determined before embryo transfer is carried out but PGD is a long process and samples are usually taken abroad for this.

On the other hand CVS (Chorionic villus Sampling) can also be used to check genotype of the baby but this is done during pregnancy at 10-12weeks. CVS is cheaper than PGD .

We do not do PGD in this Centre What we advise couples in this situation to do is to accept donor gamete (either eggs or sperm donor) for their treatment.


Can a woman whose uterus has adenomayoma be pregnant, if yes how?.

Yes She can get pregnant everything depends on the size, the number and the position of the growth as long as the contour of the uterus is not affected she will be fine and can carry her baby.

Though here at Fusion Nest we usually conduct our own set of screening test on all cases including cases like this one which will guide us on the appropriate treatment protocol to recommended for our clients. 


I have a fibroid and hubby have low sperm count of which he has been on treatment for months now, yet i have not conceived of which we don't know the cause...Could it be the fibroid or low sperm count? What treatment option do you advice?

First at Fusion Nest Fertility Centre we specialized in using different ART techniques in assisting couples struggling with infertility to conceive and fulfill their dream of parenthood. So when couples come to us their treatment could require any of IUI, ICSI, IVF or a combination of those.

Coming to yours and your hubby condition, fibroid on its own don't entirely prevents conception or stop one from being a mother, it all depends on the number and its position but in most cases it need to go first before IVF treatment can commence.

As for your hubby they're different sperm related issues some could be absent of sperm, issues with motility and shape. So for us to be certain of what the issue is, we need to conduct our own test of which we normally do for couples before we commence any treatment.

So at this stage we will advise you and your hubby to come to the clinic and register so we can conduct proper screening test on both of you and advice which treatment protocol will be most suitable to make you parents.



My husband has azoospermia and all efforts prove abortive. The scrotum scan shows he has bilateral vericocele,
please what do you think can be done to enable us to carry our bundles
of joy soon?


We have an interesting article on azoospermia and we will encourage you to read that. 

Having said that, you and your hubby can carry your bundles of joy through IVF with you using a donor sperm.


Please, I have been married for over 13 years now. But I got to realise that my wife stopped menstruation at 35 years of age when we married till date. However, somebody talked to us about IVF, now in this conditions at age 48yrs,is there still any hope for us and what is likely independent promo cost? Thanks.

Yes there's hope for you with IVF using donor eggs with your own sperm. We have had many success stories with people above 50 and yours with be different.

I have done  HSG  test and it came out good my husband SFA test was 63million with 0% motility. I want to find out our options if it is IUI or IVF.

An extremely important parameter in semen analysis is the motility. A normal sperm count with motility less than 40 - 0% reflects that the sperm are not active or dead and cant be used for IVF or IUI because it will not give a good result.
 In such cases, there is the option of doing IUI or IVF using a donor sperm this option is cheaper and there is a greater chance of success.
Another option is to do IVF with your husbands sperm by using a needle to try to obtain active sperm directly from your husbands testis and Injecting it into the egg .This procedure is called IVF with TESA and ICSI.It is more expensive and the chances of success are slim.

l want to undergo IVF Treatment with your clinic. I was diagnosed with moderate capacity uterus, partial cervical synechiae, fundal filling defect and arcuate uterus. My fallopian tube are patent HSG done on 06-06-2016 l am 39 years old will IVF be possible for me?

Regardless of your previous experience with ART/IVF Treatment, we normally start treatment at our centre by first carrying out a comprehensive assessment of both you and your partner, doing so have helped us in getting good result for our clients.


But having done some test already gives you an advantage and makes our job easier.


We will evaluate you to assess your ovarian reserve and do an ultrasound scan and sono of the Uterus to confirm the position and characteristics of the fundal filling defect and the extent or severity of the cervical synechiae (which is a narrowing of the cervix) .


It is after this evaluation that the best way forward for you regarding IVF treatment will be planned.

I read an article about how prolonging IVF treatments can boost success rate how true is this?.

It is possible that repeat cycles can lead to a successful IVF treatment but the possibility of having repeated cycles to boost success rate has not been firmly established.


This boils down to certain variables that have to be considered like the cause of infertility in the patient involved,using own eggs/using a different treatment protocol , opting for donor eggs/sperm in the next cycle e.t.c

What is IVF? Can you explain the process for me.

Many people out there are still wondering what IVF and testtube babies is all about, or how this process can ease their Fertility woes and make them parents.


IVF simply said, is the fertilization of the woman's egg outside her body, which increases the chances of her getting pregnant.


With IVF the woman's egg is collected and fertilized with the husbands sperm or a donor sperm(as the case may be)in the laboratory. The Fertilized egg which grows into an embryo, is then collected and implanted into the woman's womb.
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Who is qualified for IVF.

Any woman within the child bearing age (23-45) who has infertility issues..

How long is typical IVF Process from start to finish at your clinic.

IVF treatment process especially at Fusion Nest Fertility Centre, involves the following stages

  • first having your case evaluated by one of our Fertility doctors.
  • Take fertility assessment  test.
  • Based on the result of the test, treatment advise on what option are available to you is given to you and a treatment protocol developed for you.
  • Once your treatment commences their will be proper monitoring of your case till the day of delivery.

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Am advanced in age what are my chances.

Here at Fusion Nest we attend to all cases of infertility individually and age limit is a lest factor in our consideration.


We looks for ways to get your pregnant and not the other way round…Our oldest Mother till date was 52 and currently we have a 51 years old that’s pregnant getting reading to birth her child.
Eight years ago it was Rajo Devi Lohan at age 74 who gave birth to a daughter named Naveen, this year its Daljinder Kaur aged 72 and her husband Mohinder Singh aged 79 giving birth to a bouncing baby boy and now Janet Jackson is pregnant at 50.


if they all can get pregnant and give birth at the later years of their life, you too can.


Simply said women between the ages of 24-34 have greater IVF treatment success rate. But there are many options available to assist you.

Don't allow age hold you back walk into our Fertility Centre let one of our Fertility Expert look into your case lets see how we can make you a Mother.

What is the cost of IVF or IUI treatment in your facility?

Cost of ivf treatment in Nigeria, just like everywhere else is quite expensive. but compared with others in the industry, we can rightly say that the cost of ivf treatment at our centre is quite cheap and relatively affordable compared to others.


Though a lot of factors, do affect cost of IVF/IUI or any other form of fertility treatment. Some  of those factors include


  • Type of fertility treatment protocol prescribed for a client
  • Use of donor egg or sperm
  • Poor response to fertility drugs being used for treatment
  • Special cases that requires special procedure and extra treatment drugs
  • Sperm/egg freezing-Cryopreservation for future use.

What is the success rate for in vitro fertilization.

Success rate of ivf varies from centre to centre but is relatively same in many IVF treatment centres around the globe. Many factors determines the high/low percentage of success rate in IVF treatment.


But be mindful of ivf centres with exceptionally high IVF success rates. Chances are, they have strict exclusion criteria that might exclude you.


So always ask your questions and find out all you need to find out before you patronize any fertility centre.


Normally ivf success rates  it ranges from 35-45%, Any other center offering you a 100% success rate is definitely a scam.


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Will I get any support during and after my treatment at your centre?

At Fusion Nest Fertility Centre we provide you with continuous support throughout your IVF/Fertility treatment journey.


Your doctor and our fertility nurses are always available to answer all your questions and guide you throughout this journey. Most importantly you have someone specifically assigned to you, to check on you and make sure you do/observe all that you need to do and observe.

What sort of test/screenings will i pass through before IVF Treatment

Normally regardless of your background or previous experience with any form of ART(Assisted Reproductive Technique), our treatment normally starts with proper evaluation of your case by first carrying out some screening tests both on the woman and the man. Results of such evaluation determines the mode of fertility treatment we offer our perspective clients.

This method of approach has yielded us great success in dealing with our clients cases.


What of Fibroid do i need to remove it before IVF Treatment?

You will need the advice of a gynecologist on this one and luckily we have that at Fusion Nest.

The truth with fibroid is that it depends on the number and the position of the fibroid in some cases the fibroid has to go before the IVF treatment proper.

What are u to do when your partner has zero sperm count?

Having a zero sperm count (azospermia) is one of the male infertility factors and if you choose to go through the route of treatment, it takes a long period of 6 months to 1year to treat azospermia.


But with IVF we have options to overcome this. So we advise one with this condition to seek the advise of a medical professional quickly and to consider IVF treatment to enable him become a Father.

I was diagnosed with uterine synchiae ,had d&c and subsequently couldn't get pregnant does that mean my tubes blocked? Am age 41.

Having uterine synchia doesn't mean you have a blocked tube as  only an HSG test can determine if your tubes are patent or not.

Considering your age,the best option for you is to go for IVF treatment.

So you need to go for an HSG test to confirm if your tubes are patent or not.



I’m 41 and have stopped having period for 2years (it stopped suddenly) tried clomid treatment about a year ago, I was so sure I ovulated but no pregnancy, just tried another clomid cycle of 100mg, not sure I ovulated. can iui help?


in this case IUI can not work reason been that you have stopped seeing your period for a while and since the clomid didn't work out as well, at this stage IVF is the only option that can work out for you.


How long you have being married? has your husband done an SFA test before now and what is it like? if not can he go and do an SFA test?


Have you done an HSG before to check your fallopian tubes if they are patent? if not can you go ahead and do those?. Both the SFA and HSG test are some of the test that will be carried on both you and your partner before IVF treatment commence proper.

I want to try IUI but the issue is that i have a low sperm motility.

First you need to go for  SFA test to ascertain your sperm status. This is one of the test a man will undergo in any IVF treatment centre and in our clinic before commencing IVF treatment proper.


Normally for us to consider you for  IUI your sperm count has to be from 20million and above with 40% and above activeness.


if its not up to the above, then IVF would be the best fertility treatment option for you .

I want to go for IVF or IUI fertility treatment but i have  hyprerprolactinaemia though on treatment and my hubby has issues with his count

Hyperprolactinaemia is a treatable condition but would like to ask how is your FSH and LH level?.


Have you done an HSG test before? because before considering IUI, HSG has to be done that shows you have a patent bilateral tubes.


What of your hubby have he done an SFA test? the result of this test can tell us if he can go for IUI or not you for IUI. but in the case of IVF, high prolactin doesn’t matter, you don’t need to do HSG, and your husband sperm count is not really a problem except no active cells were found in the semen

What is the cure for anovulation and painful sex?

The treatment for anovulation depends on the cause of the anovulation.
Common causes of anovulation include PCOS(polycystic ovarian syndrome) hormonal imbalance, problems with the thyroid gland, eating disorders etc.
Its best to see your doctor to identify the cause of the anovulation so that appropriate treatment can be carried out.
On painful sex, that can be due to stress, insufficient lubrication, infection such as Pelvic inflammatory disease, uterine fibroids, pile, etc.. Again, treatment depends on the cause.