For the past eight years, we have been committed to putting smiles on the faces oF many couples and this we would continually do now and always.  

We understand that many couples would have loved to benefit from IVF Treatment but the  huge cost of getting this treatment done have denied them.

At Fusion Nest, we open up opportunity for couples to enjoy this service at a more affordable cost and at the same time giving you quality care and treatment to ensure your dream of making a family comes through.

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IVF Treatment Testimonies

For 7 years Dr Yetunde did all she could for the fruit of the womb. As a married woman in a society like us, coupled with the fact that she's a medical doctor herself, Dr. Yetunde tried all within her reach to conceive.

This includes first trying IVF in one of other IVF Centre, without success. She gave up partially and vowed not to bother herself with IVF/Fertility Treatment again not until she was introduced to us by her sister in law.

She came, was assessed alongside her husband, we did our normal thing and today she's carrying her bundle of joy, a beautiful baby girl which she delivered earlier this year.

For Dr. Yetunde, it was a journey of 7 years....others took longer...but yours don't have to take that long.





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Our's is an Environment Filled with Testimonies

From 52 years old Mrs Amoka who waited for 21 long years in marriage before God blessed her with the fruit of the womb a set of triplet through IVF at our clinic to 45 years old Mrs Odunaiya Ibironke who searched for 7 years and now 52 Years old Mrs Okunyemi who waited for 15 years before coming to us and now a proud mother of a set of twins ( a boy and girl ) and 50 years old Mrs Tunde who God blessed with a beautiful baby girl.

The testimonies are endless and Miracles have continued to happen here every other week.


From Our Blog....

IVF Treatment Questions To Ask Your Doctor

IVF treatment journey can be a strange one for many people. Couples with fertility challenges prepares for IVF Treatment through different means. Sometimes your preparation can come through a group you belong to or through a friend or colleagues that have gone through that journey before.

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7 Factors to Consider before Choosing a Fertility Clinic

Choosing a fertility clinic is an important decision to make and is most times dependent on what the couples fertility needs are. It can be a somewhat tasking decision when there are a lot of clinics to choose from. There are factors that should be considered in order to choose that which is best for you.

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The Root Causes of female infertility and possible solutions

Infertility is the inability of a couple to achieve conception after one year of repetitive unprotected sex. Causes of Infertility is not sex dependent as 40% of causes is from the Man and another 40% is from the Woman, with the remaining 20% linked to unknown causes.

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What is IVF? Can you explain the process for me.

Many people out there are still wondering what IVF and testtube babies is all about, or how this process can ease their Fertility woes and make them parents.


IVF simply said, is the fertilization of the woman's egg outside her body, which increases the chances of her getting pregnant.


With IVF the woman's egg is collected and fertilized with the husbands sperm or a donor sperm(as the case may be)in the laboratory. The Fertilized egg which grows into an embryo, is then collected and implanted into the woman's womb.

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Who is qualified for IVF.

Any woman within the child bearing age (23-45) who has infertility issues..

How long is typical IVF Process from start to finish.

IVF treatment process especially at Fusion Nest Fertility Centre, involves the following stages

  • first having your case evaluated by one of our Fertility doctors.
  • Take fertility assessment  test.
  • Based on the result of the test, treatment advise on what option are available to you is given to you and a treatment protocol developed for you.
  • Once your treatment commences their will be proper monitoring of your case till the day of delivery.

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Am advanced in age what are my chances.

Eight years ago it was Rajo Devi Lohan at age 74 who gave birth to a daughter named Naveen, this year its Daljinder Kaur aged 72 and her husband Mohinder Singh aged 79 giving birth to a bouncing baby boy and now Janet Jackson is pregnant at 50.


if they all can get pregnant and give birth at the later years of their life, you too can.


Simply said women between the ages of 24-34 have greater IVF treatment success rate. But there are many options available to assist you.


Walk into our Fertility Centre let one of our Fertility Expert look into your case.


What is the cost of IVF treatment in your facility?

Cost of ivf treatment in Nigeria, just like everywhere else is quite expansive. but compared with others in the industry, we can rightly say that the cost of ivf treatment at our centre is quite cheap and relatively affordable compared to others.

What is the success rate for in vitro fertilization.

Success rate of ivf varies from centre to centre but is relatively same in many IVF treatment centres around the globe. Many factors determines the high/low percentage of success rate in IVF treatment.


But be mindful of ivf centres with exceptionally high IVF success rates. Chances are, they have strict exclusion criteria that might exclude you.


So always ask your questions and find out all you need to find out before you patronize any fertility centre.


Normally ivf success rates  it ranges from 35-45%, Any other center offering you a 100% success rate is definitely a scam.


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