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What is Sex Selection Sex Selection Fertility Services At Fusion Nest Fertility Centre

Fusion Nest Fertility Centre offers Sex Selection Services by assisting intending couples to make a choice of the kind of sex they want be it male or female.


Sex Selection:

is normally a two way thing. its either natural or IVF Sex Selection.


Natural sex selection

This comes with a kit that has ovulation tracker. Four days before ovulation gives you a baby girl, because female sperm cells although very slow,last longer than male sperm cells. While 3 days after ovulation gives you a boy because the egg has been released and the male sperm cells swims faster than the female ones.


IVF Sex Selection

In the other hand, IVF Sex Selection Involves the Embryologist washing the semen and selecting the male sperm cells to fertilize the eggs retrieved from the woman.


Sex Selection Process at our facility

  • First the couples undergoes screening tests.
  • Next is pre-treatment inducing of period.
  • Some injections will be given, once the woman starts bleeding
  • Then we start stimulation with hormonal injections.
  • Next is follicomentry.
  • Once the follicles are matured, trigger injection would be given
  • After 36hours, there would be collection of eggs and the husband is expected at this point to produce his semen.
  • 3 – 5 days later implantation of the embryo would be done

Is it possible to have a baby boy and twins or triplet boys through your Sex Selection Service?

The answer is yes you could have more than one, two or three boys depending on the number of eggs we get from the woman and embryos that will be implanted.


With IVF there is no 100% guarantee that woman would get pregnant but 99.9% that she would get male embryo/ the sex of her choice using sex selection..

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45 Comments on “Sex Selection

  1. I am interested in sex selection. we (me &spouse) have been to other center in Lagos, conducted necessary tests, all okay and to proceed with the exercise, but the price is quite high. I am looking at the price options to decide. please what will the process cost from your end

    1. Dear Olu the Cost for IVF Sex Selection service is quite high because of the process and technique involve, but be rest assured that ours will be different from what you were told where you went to previously. Please do check your email for the cost details.

  2. We, my husband and I are interested in this,we have already have 3 healthy girls. We want to be certain that the next baby is going to be a boy ,in fact twin boys. please email the price and address to me thanks

    1. Dear Mrs Monday Fusion Nest Fertility Centre is located at No 3 Adebowale Close off Lola Holloway Omole Phase 1 Estate (by Hotel Busstop ) Ojodu Berger Lagos. Please if you’re driving you can call any of our numbers for direction. Cheers

    1. Dear Doreen apologies for the delay Fusion Nest Fertility Centre is Located at No 3 Adebowale Close off Lola Holloway Lane Omole Phase 1 Estate Omole Ojudu Berger Lagos and as for the cost of sex selection please check your email for the details.

  3. Hello, my husband and I are interested in sex selection, we have four girls, is it possible for twin boys, kindly let me know the cost and procedure.

    Thank you

  4. Hello, please I am my husband are interested. We have a baby girl and he wants twin boys next. Please what the cost of the procedure

  5. I’m 36 years old woman,I’m blessed with four girls and a boy, we need a boy or twin boys depend on the total cost of such a treatment,we pray that you help us change our family history

  6. We have children and no fertility issues. But we need a twin male pregnancy for a final shot.
    Please send cost implications and details.
    We hope to do it November this year.
    Thank you

  7. We already have healthy daughters and would like to do a gender selection IVF. We were thinking of going to Cyprus but why go there if it is the same success rate with you (99.9 ) . Please confirm this cos we would like twin boys and please send the cost breakdown to my mail. Thank you so much.

  8. I have two daughters and would like to have twin boys. Please How much will it cost us for the procedures. Expecting your reply soon

  9. Good morning, am jane. my first daughter is 2yrs and am ready for my second child but i need a boy this time. please how do I do it naturally? from Awka

  10. I’m 36 years old woman, we’re blessed with three girls, we need a boy or twin boys depend on the total cost of such a treatment and procedure. Kindly inbox your address too.

  11. No fertility issued. Already have 2 beautiful girls. Want male twins. Pls let me know the cost and procedure involve for somebody in Lagos State. Thanks

  12. Good day, please I have two healthy girls, I want to have twin boys or triplet boys, but not with ivf, is it possible by u people ? If it’s possible how much will it cost me, also I need ur address and other necessary information.

    1. Dear Ogechi though your question is not completely clear, what you need is Sex selection and sex selection is normally done alongside IVF. Please check your email for the details and cost. And maybe you can make further clarification on your question ma. Cheers

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