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About Nigeria Leading IVF Treatment Centre

Fusion Nest Fertility Centre, is the leading IVF/Fertility treatment Clinic in Nigeria Where We provide comprehensive evaluation and care for women and men in all stages of infertility.


As the leading ivf/fertility treatment centre in Nigeria,Fusion Nest is the preferred Centre for Merck Sorono international ltd, a leading international pharmaceutical company in fertility treatment and also a major referral Centre for “Visit and care” an international patient referral agency.


From our Lagos office we have continued to produced consistent results for our clients as we have handled over a thousand infertility cases with an average success rate of over 50 percent in all cases till date.


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Some of our Fertility Services

As the leading fertility treatment centre in Nigeria, we have produced a lot of single and multiple pregnancies including quadruplets to date through our various cost effective and affordable Fertility Treatment offerings. Oldest patient, age 54 years had a singleton baby delivered in January 2015. Fusion Nest is committed to delivering optimum customer satisfaction beyond expectations.

Our Team of professionals who are internationally trained specialist in different fields of medicine obstetrics and gynecology are ready to assist couples at different stages infertility realize their dreams of been parent.


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Here, we are committed to providing you with the best services in Assisted Reproductive Technique(ART) such as IVF,ICSI , IUI etc as obtainable anywhere else in the world at 'extremely affordable cost' with a resultant high pregnancy rate in a very conducive and comfortable environment.


Fertility Treatment Options At Fusion Nest Fertility Centre

Our focus is on solution (getting infertile couples pregnant) rather than the problems(Doing endless investigations and tests).


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Fusion Nest Fertility Centre is Located at

No 3, Adebowale close, off Lola Holloway Omole phase 1 Estate, Near Ojodu Berger Lagos Nigeria.

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Monday - Friday: 8 - 1700 Saturdays: 9 - 4pm